I decided to create this blog to appease the trillions of thoughts that have me running in mental circles most days. I find that when I write, things become clear. Why pay for the couch when writing therapy is free? I have not done much creative writing for some time due to a trillion excuses that I do not care to identify. No matter where I go in life, I always seem to return to writing. It is my craft and as such, I need to get back at it. Thanks in advance for stopping by!

About Me:

In South Philadelphia- born and raised- on the front stoop is where I spent most of my days :-). After spending most of my life in Philly I decided it was time to move on. I packed my son and self (and as much as I could fit into my cute deep pink luggage) and moved to the west coast. It was here that I learned I had a voice, and to my surprise, an accent! Wah-ter is really pronounced “wooder” and that’s just what that is.

What to Expect:

Nothing.I dare you! Expect absolutely nothing because 1) randomness is unpredictable by design and 2) expectations put us on the fast track to disappointment. Expect nothing and watch how the presents start rolling in.


Enjoy the ride!


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