(Almost) everything must go!

I am unsure of the person taking credit for deeming closest spaces junk abysses in most homes. If I ever met them, our introduction would be met with condescendence and sarcasm, along with my hand flailing about the clutter for effect:  “Oh, you’re the one responsible for this? Thanks.”

I don’t kid myself. I know I am not the neatest person alive by any means. My home is usually in order. I believe that my environment reflects what’s going on inside me. At work my desk is always covered with paper, pens, notepads, and Post-Its varying in size and colors coordinated with the present season. By the end of the work day my space is organized so I don’t have that womp-womp feeling when I return the next day.

At home, I enjoy entering a space where everything is in its place. It helps me to relax and creates an air of calm around me. This Zensation ends the moment I walk past my closet. When I crack open the door, do objects and clothing project out of the space like vomit? Uuummm, no. But I do feel a sense of shame and embarrassment because I play a part in minimizing the purpose of this space- organization. My closet is like The Land of Misfit Toys…almost every item in there has been cast aside only to be ignored until I go on a cleaning rampage and throw most of the stuff away- or maybe put away in a more appropriate place. I have the organization process all figured out in my head, but when it comes to execution I become overwhelmed with separation anxiety. I CAN’T LET GO! Also, the idea of spending a weekend organizing all the mess just does not sound very productive to me.

Why not put this stuff someplace where I can appreciate and value it? Old journals can go on a bookcase in my bedroom. Pictures can go in photo albums or in frames. Pay stubs from 2010 can go into the shredder. Clothes that I no longer want can go to GoodWill.

Since I am clearly acting like a baby, I will take baby steps to conquer the mess that is my closet. I purchased a three-drawer plastic storage unit for my folded clothes, socks, scarves, and unmentionables and that’s working our great! I am willing to put my shoes and clothes away shortly after taking them off instead of throwing them into the darkness. I will also utilize the storage space allotted to me by my apartment complex so my storage bins no longer have to double as shabby chic furniture. Don’t judge. Have you seen the array of colors available? FABULOUS!

I read somewhere it takes 21 days to make and break a habit. I got this!…


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