In the less than 24 hours, I got two major reality checks. I learned that my family lost a loved one, another loved one is having cancer removed, and a friend lost her newborn child. In the day to day rush, Ego runs first place and distracts me from what is important.





Last but not least, an appreciation for life.

Can you relate?

I get back on the path, but not without resistance. It is a struggle to live free of Ego in this world and I can’t help but wonder if it has always been this way. Realization should make life easier but it causes complications. It is not easy to reprogram your thoughts, but it is necessary. Studies show it takes twenty-one days of practice to make or break a habit. For the first time in history, everyone has a voice if they choose to share it. Social media helps with this, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like its power is used for the greater good. How many of you are bombarded with negativity on a daily basis? Media bias that exploits racism, violence, death? How can we remember to simply be when we feel forced to constantly protect and defend ourselves?

I don’t want to fear for my son’s life.

I want to believe that, as a Black woman, I can voice my beliefs, be ambitious, and break generational curses without backlash from anyone or worse, run the risk of losing my life.

But, I cannot change anyone. I can only change myself- even if Ego wants to convince me otherwise.

I have to say “Thank You!” just because. I have to do it daily.

Today, I am thankful I woke up.

I am thankful that I failed at suicide in my youth.

Thankful for the end of toxic relationships.

Thankful that fifteen years of challenges did not detour my education.

Thankful my son still has a childhood at eleven years of age. I am thankful he is alive.

Please say “thank you!” for something or someone you have. ANYTHING! Our world is lacking gratitude. It will resonate and change something in the world.


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