We’ve all had our experiences that we believe defined our adulthood. I spent most of my thirties rebuilding myself after doing things that I thought made me an adult in my twenties. Remember when you turned eighteen and thought you were The Shit because you had a job at TGI Friday’s and your parents could no longer claim you on their taxes?

When I adulted like a child I once experienced alcohol poisoning because I didn’t know my limit. I had to rebuild my credit because I fell for those luring college credit card offers. I suffered depression and insomnia for years because I was living in expectation- I expected to start a great career straight out of college. I expected to backpack through some unknown land and become so worldly. Who knew it would take 15 years to earn my degree?! The one thing I would have never expected is how much I have evolved since my twenties. I hear people say they would go back to being twenty-something if they could. Perky breasts are the only part of my twenties I miss.

I know you can’t tell by looking at me, but this year I’ll be 38 and I am happy to say I am officially adulting like a boss. Many of my young perceptions about life have expired. We evolve in a multitude of ways- it’s only natural. I have changed my career, my  beliefs about relationships, and my outlook on the world. I have a fond appreciation for a few simple things that I believe only adulting can create:

Good credit

CreditKarma.com is one of my online best friends. This free service has helped me repair the poor financial decisions I made early on in my adult life. The last thing I need is the Repo Depot knocking on my door.

Paying Bills on Time

Two things I know about myself to be true: I love food and stable shelter. Budgeting isn’t about financial restrictions; it’s about making sure I have the ability to live- not just survive. Living on your bestie’s couch and eating Oodles of Noodles every night is fun in your twenties. It’s not cute when forty is around the corner.

Vacuum Lines in the Carpet

To me, vacuum lines in the carpet are the epitome of adulting. They say, I’ve got my shit together and my home is almost allergen free!


I remember when discussing bodily functions grossed me out. With age (and raising a child), I find myself openly discussing my digestion. Shit happens. We need to talk about it. Let’s make sure everything is coming out right in all areas of life.

Embracing Age

I have a friend who has been declaring that we’re getting old for the last six years. My response is always “You’re getting old; I’m simply aging.” There’s nothing wrong with “getting old”, despite society’s obsession with youth. The options here are simple: age or die. I am going to ride this life thing out for as long as I can.

Being Naked

I love makeup. It permits a person to transform- to highlight or play down any part of their personality or physique. I used to wear makeup daily. Perhaps it helped me feel more feminine. I wore my hair close to my scalp for years. I didn’t hide behind makeup; I allowed it to enhance a beauty that I didn’t know existed until I cut my hair off. In the last year, I have reduced my full make up routine to an anti-shine face powder, brows, lashes, and a simple lip color. In recent months, I’m doing full frontal: no makeup. I love it.

Adulting defined is living a life that allows the person to be the best version of themselves. Acceptance, vulnerability, and the desire to heal have been catalysts in my adulting.

I hope the feeling resonates with anyone reading this!


3 thoughts on “Adulting Like a Boss

  1. I love your blogs they are inspiring and very well written I must say that you have a very creative mind and a sense of humor that it’s kind of Corky just letting you know I love it and I will continue to read keep up the good work.

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